LMS Features

eProLMS is packed with advanced features. Some of them are:


Save money with our very low prices. We offer high-quality LMS services at affordable rates that fit your budget and goals. Prices are customised for provided solutions and services to offer you the best value.


Experience a comprehensive LMS that supports all your learning and assessment activities. We provide a user-friendly platform that allows you to access, manage, and track your courses anytime, anywhere. You can easily monitor and manage your learners' progress and performance with eProLMS's powerful analytics and reporting tools.


We design your courses using interactive HTML packages. We can also import your SCORM 1.2 courses into the eProLMS. We also gamify the learning materials and assessments using modern tools as per your needs.

Mobile app

You can use eProLMS mobile app on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets to access course materials, complete assessments (online and offline), and submit assignments. You can also track your learning and view your results.

Flexible Assessment and Online Exams

Allow multiple attempts for each type of assessment activity. You could allow your learners to improve their scores and learn from their mistakes by allowing them to retake the assessments as many times as they want. You can also conduct online exams on eProLMS.

Announcements and attendance

Create course announcements, attendance records, and class schedules with ease. We help you communicate with your students and conveniently organise your course materials.


Autosave and download completed assessments. We ensure that your students' responses are saved automatically and that you can download their completed quizzes and essay questions for review.

Information Retrieval and Record Keeping

Information lost by accident can be retrieved using backups that are created on a daily basis. The learners' record is kept safe for the desired time periods.

Extended Features

The extended features of eProLMS are:

Continuous Support

Get support from our team in creating and monitoring your courses, changing existing ones, or importing courses from other sources to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you have a question, a problem, or a suggestion, we will respond within 24 hours and provide you with the best solution possible.

Advanced Reporting

Use smart release of results and grading mechanisms. You can track the submissions of assessments as well as grading. The generated reports can be used for analysis and informed decision making.


Enjoy eProLMS's modern and elegant design that provides a smooth and seamless user experience. Thanks to its responsive and mobile-friendly design, you can access eProLMS on any device, anytime, anywhere.


We let you host as many courses as you like, enroll as many students/trainees as you want, and scale up or down as per your needs. You can also use eProLMS to support various learning modes, such as self-paced, instructor-led, blended, or social learning.


Use eProLMS for any type of learning audience, from schools and universities to RTOs and TAFEs to corporate organisations and nonprofits. Integrations and add-ons make it easier to create courses and assessments specific to the learners' needs.


Notify users of any upcoming deadlines for activities and help them manage their time and progress. Users will receive automatic notifications regarding new assignments, deadlines, and forum posts, and send private messages to each other.


Deliver any learning content, from text and video to quizzes and simulations, on our robust and user-friendly LMS. You can also upload documents, embedded books and presentations. Furthermore, you can create interactive presentations, quizzes, assignments, essay questions etc.


Creating certificates for the completed courses. To recognise the learners’ achievements, you can easily create certificates for them to share with others or add to their portfolio(s).

LMS for Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Vocational Training

eProLMS is a complete LMS which supports all packages and activities for e-learning needs of schools, colleges, universities, and vocational training institutes. For these institutes, eProLMS comes with the following services:

Cloud Hosting
Custom Branding
Custom Plugins
Course Development
Assessment Setup
Content Management
Advanced Reporting
Certificate Creation
Security and Maintenance
24/7 Solution Support
Daily backups

LMS for Corporate Training

For corporate organisations, eProLMS provides customised training with live assessments, especially those designed in SCORM 1.2. It comes with the following services:

Cloud Hosting and Onboarding
Multi Tenancy
Custom Branding
Interactive Training Design
Innovative Assessment Design
Content and Record Management
Advanced Reporting
Enhanced Security
Continuous Support and Maintenance
Daily Backups