Course Development and Assessment Setup in eProLMS


Creating engaging and effective courses and conducting assessments are essential components of any Learning Management System. With eProLMS, course development and assessment processes are streamlined, providing a seamless learning experience for students and learners.

Course Development:

  • eProLMS offers a versatile platform that allows educators and instructional designers to create and deliver various types of learning content. Whether it's text, video, quizzes, simulations, documents, or embedded books and presentations, eProLMS supports it all. This creative freedom empowers educators to design interactive and engaging courses that cater to diverse learning styles.
  • H5P and SCORM 1.2 Packages: Leveraging H5P and SCORM 1.2 packages, course creators can develop interactive learning materials and assessments. Gamifying the learning experience increases learner motivation and retention, resulting in more effective knowledge transfer.
  • Flexibility and Customization: eProLMS allows custom branding, giving educational institutions and organizations the ability to showcase their unique identity within the platform. Custom plugins can also be integrated to add specialized functionalities as per their specific requirements.
  • Integration and Plugins: The LMS seamlessly integrates with various eLearning tools, facilitating the development of tailored courses to meet the needs of different learner groups. This includes schools, colleges, universities, vocational training centres, and corporate organisations.

Assessment Setup and Reporting:

  • Assessment plays a pivotal role in evaluating learner progress and knowledge retention. eProLMS provides a flexible and comprehensive assessment setup that ensures accurate evaluation and actionable insights.
  • Multiple Attempts: With eProLMS, learners can take assessments multiple times, allowing them to improve their scores and learn from their mistakes. This iterative approach promotes continuous learning and growth.
  • Assisted Evaluation: The platform provides assesser guides for evaluation, providing assessors with information on how to mark the assessments and provide feedback. This feature helps assessors in the assessment marking process and helps learners with getting right feedback to take corrective actions.
  • Smart Release of Results: eProLMS allows controlled release of results to learners, ensuring that they receive feedback at appropriate times. This feature fosters a supportive and positive learning environment.
  • Attendance and Class Schedules: Educators can conveniently create course announcements, manage attendance records, and organize class schedules using eProLMS. This enhances communication with learners and streamlines course administration.
  • Certificates: eProLMS enables the creation of certificates for learners who complete courses successfully. These certificates can be shared with others or added to learners' portfolios, recognizing and showcasing their achievements.
  • Powerful Reporting: With advanced reporting tools, administrators can monitor learners' progress and performance effectively. These insights enable data-driven decision-making to improve the overall learning experience.

In conclusion, eProLMS empowers educators and organizations to develop engaging courses and conduct assessments efficiently. Its flexible and customizable features, along with powerful reporting and automation capabilities, ensure a seamless and effective learning process.